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Clouds Rest

About this Hike

What to bring
What Is Provided

First aid

Water purification 

sun screen

bug repellent 

Liter Water bottle per person


Sun Glasses



Layered Clothing

Rain Gear

lunch and snacks

Trip Specifics 

Length: 8-12Hours

Mileage: 14.5Miles

Elevation Gain:1,775 feet (540 meters)

Rating: Strenuous

Meet: Sunrise Trail Head Parking, 7:00am


Cost:$175/person for 2+ people


Availability: July-October

This trail wanders through pine forests and granite hillsides, the sights and smells are unmistakably Yosemite. In some peoples opinion this view is "better than Half Dome and without the cables!" From the Summit of Clouds Rest Yosemite   landmarks include, Tenaya Lake,  Half Dome, Mt.Hoffman, Sentinel Dome, North Dome, and bits of Cathedral Rocks and El Capitan, plus Merced Lake 

Why This Hike

                        The trail begins on a boardwalk behind the parking area and heads  east  towards the shore of Tenaya Lake. We will trek through dips and hills as well as crossing little streams. We will begin to climb the east slope of Tenaya canyon and onto a switchback ascent giving you beautiful views of Mt Hoffmann and Tioga Road Canyon. Once on the summit it's easy to see why the Sierra Nevada has been called "The Range of Light". The dazzling white granite rises in wave after wave of ridges to the horizon. Down-canyon you can look over the bulbous tops of North Dome and Basket Dome, and beyond them the long arm of Yosemite Valley stretching all the way to El Capitan and directly ahead is Half Dome, seen from it's most dramatic angle.

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