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Glacier Point 

About this Hike

What to bring
What Is Provided

First aid

Water purification 

sun screen

bug repellent 

Liter Water bottle per person


Sun Glasses



Layered Clothing

Rain Gear

lunch and snacks

Why this Hike?

Two of Yosemite's most spectacular hikes, Glacier Point and the Mist Trail, serve as bookends to a trail that also passes lesser-known gems like Panorama Point and Illilouette Falls. There are memorable views almost everywhere along this hike. 

Trip Specifics 

Length: 8-10Hours

Mileage: 8.5Miles

Elevation Loss: 3,200 ft 


Meet:Yosemite Valley Lodge, 8:00am


Cost:$175/person for 2+ people


Availability: June-October

We will meet at the Yosemite Valley Lodge. From there we catch a tour bus at 8:30. When we get to Glacier Point we will go over the history and take some pictures then hit the trail. The Panorama Trail starts out as a long gentle descent on very long switchbacks. This route descends to Illouette Creek where you can get a nice view of Illouette Fall. You'll have views back to Glacier Point, but as the trail flattens and rounds to the north of Panorama Point, You'll start getting better and better views of Half Dome, Liberty Cap, Nevada Falls and the Merced River Canyon. You will shortly reach the trail that cuts over under Mount Starr King and from this point on we will be going steadily downhill and starting to get some really great scenery. The views are breathtaking and by the time we reach the Mist Trail you will have a loss for words. 

Meeting Place

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