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Mount Dana

What to bring
What Is Provided

First aid

Water purification 

sun screen

bug repellent 

Liter Water bottle per person


Sun Glasses



Layered Clothing

Rain Gear

lunch and snacks

Trip Specifics 


Mileage: 6 Miles

Elevation Gain: 3,120 feet

Rating:Extra Strenuous

Meet: Tioga Pass, 8:00am


Cost:$150/person for 2+


Availability: July to September 

Meeting Place

Why this Hike

With summit views that are panoramic and quite impressive, vistas of alpine glaciers, countless rugged peaks, sub-alpine meadows, high desert valleys and perhaps most exciting, Mono Lake!

About this Hike

Mount Dana sits on the eastern border of Yosemite National Park, astride the Sierra crest just south of Tioga Pass. Forming the eastern edge of Mount Dana Massif this beautiful mountain towers at an astounding 13,057 feet, making it the second largest peak in Yosemite. Just off the east side of the plateau, sheer rock walls drop thousands of feet down giving you a grand view of Owens Valley and surrounding country.

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