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Mt. Hoffmann

About this Hike

What to bring
What Is Provided

First aid

Water purification 

sun screen

bug repellent 

Liter Water bottle per person


Sun Glasses



Layered Clothing

Rain Gear

lunch and snacks

Why This Hike?

With a beautiful panorama view, a high Alpine lake, and a chance to look down on both Clouds Rest and Half Dome it makes this hike one of a kind! 

Trip Specifics 

Length: 6-8Hours

Mileage: 6Miles

Elevation Gain/Loss:

Rating: Strenuous

Meet:May Lake trail head Parking, 8:00am


Cost:$150/person for 2+ people



Mount Hoffmann is the geographical center of Yosemite National Park. Beginning at May Lake trailhead at 8,346 ft we will follow a trail that skirts along the south side of the lake. From the summit there are excellent views of the Yosemite High Country and looking south you will see a clear view of Clouds Rest and Half Dome hanging out just below.

Meeting Place

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